Software piracy 'out of control' - according to Microsoft

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One of the biggest issues of the current internet is piracy. Piracy of music and software has according to a report of Microsoft grown with 2,000% in the last three years. Reasons for this are…

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Pay pirates? Only fools would do that. :+

yeah what a load of crap… if they had any clue on what really goes on they would know money has nothing to do with it… granted their are idiots that will carge and pay for “warez” but thats not how the majority of it is… not saying that for free is legal either but if they are going to accuse at least get the facts straight… and come on 2000%!!! Where the f@ck did they come up with that number?

As usual they have been using their MAGIC calculator again that can pluck numbers out of the air. As for paying for warez what on earth are they talking about, i presume they mean sites where people buy warez cds. people who use them are idiots anyhow so who cares :g

Microsoft just call a download over a filesharing network, a sale of $0.00. As no credit number can be seen floating over the Internet to get a download, it must be secure? I’m pretty sure that’s how Microsoft get these ‘virtual sales’.

How can piracy be ‘out of control’? If there was some company controlling it, then I don’t think there would be any piracy left! Then again, they might just have renamed it to ‘creative use of property’ or something! :+