Software piracy increases!

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DrJ used our newssubmit to tell us something about softwarepiracy increasement:

A little decrease in the Netherlands, but an increase in the entire world.
According to the BSA the figures…

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According to BSA…:r

it may seem a little obvious, but id just like to reitterate this: THEY DID NOT LOSE 11.75billion, THEY JUST DIDN’T GET IT. Not every CD pirated would otherwise have been bought! I could never afford it (JOKE).

:7 Everything for FREE here in GREECE HEHE :9

Office 2000??? U mean people still use that prehistoric stuff?? Damn, I thought everyone had upgraded to Office 2002 ages ago :slight_smile:

Have you noticed that piracy is greater in poor countrys than in whealthy ones ? Could it be piracy related to the cost of goods ? Do you think chinese or vietnamese or greek people could buy great quantities of original goods ? If it weren’t for the piracy many people would never have had the opportunity to learn or listen as those rich guys in those superdeveloped countrys. If Mr. Gates and alikes wants to make some profit in those country they better start reducing the prices of their products instead of trying to combat the invisible enemy called piracy. Don’t you think so ?.. :8

Office 2002 eh, so the final has been released? Product Activation? :4

HaL u 200% right m8 !!! lower prices or enjoy piracy you bill gates ! :wink:

to HAL: I totally agree on that!! :8

to HAL: Who told you that Greek people can’t afford buying legal software ? Almost all companies have legal software and new computers have installed original operating system. I agree with you that if you want to fight piracy, especialy with end users companies must reduce the prices. By the way from which “superdeveloped” country are you from ? P.S. Dont take it personal but i think it was irrelevant to compare Vietnam with Greece. I think you have never visit Greece :slight_smile:

this news is not old but already death cdfreaks posted this a year ago

HAL: you shouldn’t compare Vietnam with Greece…come on… We’re not Europe’s “poor neighrbour” anymore… Like pegasos said, most companies are running on legal software - for example i’ve worked for an Estate agency with only 3 computers, all running NT (1 server, 2 workstations) with legal licenses. And you know how much that costs (especially the server version of NT :slight_smile: ) Games piracy on the other hand is HUGE :wink: Personally i’ve bought a LOT of pirated games. Still, when i really liked a game, i went on and bought the original (examples: diablo, unreal tournament, q3, etc) Also i always buy originals of games with more than 1-2 cd’s (like Baldur’s gate2)…and i can say most people do that. As for prices, they must drop asap. Especially in games…or at least they should give you some bonuses that could make you want to buy the original. For instance, i’m giving away my Baldur’s Gate2 (original version), just to buy the Collector’s Edition (with extra t-shirt etc) Companies should think about that. cheers mb

Piracy is high 'cause prices is high! WIll I pay $200-300 for Office? Hell no! Drop the price to maybe $50 and I might. OS’s should be free!!! Long live Linux!