Software Piracy, Getting out of hand?



I agree every small kid around the block has got a burner, it’s getting indeed to largely available. It should be only me in my block, but right now I know several who are burning.




I am the last one who wants to find a copy protection that is unbreakable, but dont you think software piracy is getting to much out of hand. Nowadays everyone has a CD writer, even users who’s computer is a family computer.

I think it is good that protections like safedisc are out, least to stop amuture familty users to stop copying games. Then people like us to get around it.

If every game was easily copyable then everyone will be able to copy it. Then eventually software will become incredably expensive.

Safedisc is keeping copying, down. Only people who read CD-Freaks and other copy sites know how to get around it.

A lot of people would call me a hypocrit, but I think only expert PC users should be able to copy.

You know, the last thing I want is for my whole neighbourhood to be copying stuff.

Get my point, or are you all against?


I agree too everyone is burning at the moment. And that isn`t good for my profit.

greetz whatever


I agree with everyone 100%, whats the point of being one of the best cd copiers in the neighborhood when everyone else is easily copying software, like some one said there goes my profit. I try to advertise and all i get is “oh im sorry i copied that already!” ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

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This is the same situation as way back when everything was on disc (remember diskcopy a: a: …). The industry will survive.

Even though, you don’t have to be an expert to be able to copy safedisc games, any idiot can follow an FAQ. Although it does help, as there are a lot of very stupid people out there in the world.

Now it’s a question of who can get the games first of the internet. But as soon as ADSL becomes widespread that won’t even be relevant. Everyone will have the bandwidth to leech whatever iso’s they want. Relatively for free too.

These are interesting times…

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You certainly don’t have to be an expert to copy SafeDisc protected games.
There so easy. OK it’s the protection that is the toughest and almost every game is protected Safedisc nowadays but with appz like CloneCD every lamer can do it.
But you’re right, I bought my own PC and I’m still paying back the money for it cause i’m nit earning enough money with selling cds cause evryone is doing it here.
But the software industry is still making more profit then ever before…
I red at the site of Planet Internet that the profit has grown with 6 billion or something !!! this year…and that’s only with games…imagine what profit the REAL software companies have…with appzz like Photoshop or Windows and Office…


What can I say ? In 1990, only very few people knew something about how to get (cracked) games for free from their local BBS, where you couldn’t get in without the right references and the right releases. Nowadays any 9-year old kid has a burner in his (father’s) PC. Quite logical software companies start taking measures against piracy.

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i quote someone else: -This is the same situation as way back when everything was on disc (remember diskcopy a: a: …). The industry will survive. -Worminc! (i agree 100%)

Now about “mm”: you said 1990? hehehe
i think it was even alot earlier! BBS scene (usings cc’s) was way much kewler than what we could call the new upgrade version “lame INET”

When the Slingblade come, better be gone :wink:


yeah, i liked it when cd copying and burning and cdr and cdrw drives were still elite. i got my ricoh 6200S 4 years ago, when joe schmoe didn’t even know they existed. it was fun copying psx games because nobody even knew you could do it, or believed that i could do it, for that matter. now, every new computer you buy has a crappy cdrw drive and the guys at best buy are call them cd-rewrite drives and burners, and other lame shit because they don’t know enough to call em CD-R(W) DRIVES…DRIVES!!! oh well, enough on that. i can still can myself elite.


Sorry to disturb your ego. But being able to burn CDs does not make you elite. Any idiot can do it. What is elite are the guys who crack the games/apps and write those cool demos.

This takes years of practice and experience whereas burning only takes 5 minutes these days.

Anyway, just my $0,02

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hahaha, squage, your still elite huh? And you asked for Private FTP sites? Yeah right

First of all Alter-Ego’s are still not called elite by my knowledge…

Real Elite, don’t even pronounce that word, as it is filty as shit! Whats elite? Who gives you the permission to call yourself so?
I think you’d better take a clean start

Yeah reply as hell and mad as you want, just added my way of thinking.

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  1. Everybody should be able to copy and burn about 10 cd’s a day so the BSA and whatever kind of organisations would leave normal alone and go after the real “criminals”
  2. real cdrw drives should be standard, not the shitty stuff, but Plextor and Yamaha!!
  3. IDE burners should be forbidden, because they suck, so you gotta buy more cdr’s because a lot fail and the BUMA will gain more profits so they can harass us more!!

well, that’s it!


Come on who are u trying to kid? Getting out of hand. To quote John Wayne " Get off your horse and drink your milk". You are probably just as guilty as everyone else where copying is concerned. Your gripe is that someone is stealing your market and you think they are getting your share. Why else would you be using a site like this? Certainly not to just air your views.
Sorry, if you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.


Cd-copying for the elite?! What a load of bullsh*t!!
And what’s wrong with cheap IDE burners? I have one and it works “ahum” fine…(if you don’t use it a lot)
At least these days the prices of copied cd’s are down. For buyers like me, that’s a good thing. I have more then enough of those idiots with their expensive burners who think they are something special and ask loads of money for crappy cd’s any 8 year old could have made!


Well… IDE sux bigtime since it has to use your CPU!!! That’s the writer for 8 year old kids!!
Having a good writer doesn’t mean that you use it for selling tons of (crappy) cd’s. What my use for a writer is? Audio cd’s! As I am a music addict, that’s what I bought the thingy for! Burning with IDE is bad, but ripping is ever worse. Ever made a cd without clicking sounds? Guezz not!! That’s why SCSI is wayyyyy beter!!! It’s stable, fast en reliable!!


Well… IDE sux bigtime since it has to use your CPU!!! That’s the writer for 8 year old kids!!

> well if thats the reason why it suck, throw away your pc as well

Having a good writer doesn’t mean that you use it for selling tons of (crappy) cd’s.
> thats a fact

Audio cd’s! As I am a music addict, that’s what I bought the thingy for! Burning with IDE is bad
> than i think the’re alot of MEAN muthafuckers outthere doh!

, but ripping is ever worse.
> another wise fast

Ever made a cd without clicking sounds? Guezz not!! That’s why SCSI is wayyyyy beter!!! It’s stable, fast en reliable!!
> well well, mister wise guy! ever had a good IDE burner? don’t think so Is it really that hard to make an audio cd without clicks?
Don’t think !

But one thing is sure! I prefer SCSI too, as i can do other stuff while burning! (I own both IDE & SCSI)

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That’s funny,
I found exactly the same subject on a video
game industry oriented site…

It’s about the whole Piracyindustry and stuff.

It worth a look, there’s a chat with a BSA guy…




STOP copying START downloading



I think it’s fun to copy protected cds…

it’s your hobby or not…

games are protected and you can’t do something about it. The companies make new protections and you will crack it it will never stop.

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I see cd-burning at home as something positive. The availability of cd-burners has given the computer industrie a huge impuls. Not only there is a lot of development in hardware, also the software industrie is taking their profit out of it.
It just like in the old days when the C64 & Amiga where the most popular computers. These computers where that popular because of their wide availability of software by copieing. Popular software companies like Electronic Arts, Acclaim & Activision where founded those days, and still exist. Some companies wouldn’t grown that big if their programs hadn’t being spread. The best example might be MS Dos if it wasn’t copied that much uncle Bill wouldn’t be the richest man in the world.
Same goes for the movie & music industrie (movie industrie had VHS, music had cassette players).
The CD-burner is just a replacement for the 3.5" disk, as the DVD burner (Or FMD-Disk) will be the replacement for the VHS recorder.
The whole copieing problem could be limited when software & audio would be sheaper.
Throw away the 3.5" disks, LP’s, audio cassettes & VHS tapes and let everyone buy its own cd burner. The more CD-Burners the better. CD Burners shouldn’t be a media for just a few people who can afford to buy it, as it was for a few years back but for everyone.
I’m sorry for some small group who is making money out of cd-copieing, and that feel this as a threat. But I think this is something that should be available for everyone. And Ok someone has to crack, patch & spread it first let them get payed for it. We still need the scene. (They are the elite)
The more products available the better. Anyone must be able to make a good choice what program, game, music or video he/she likes most. If a product is crap you don’t wan’t to spend much money on it.
Otherwise if you really appreciate a program, movie or what so ever and you are going to use it a lot, you should buy it the developers deserve some respect.