Software piracy funds terrorism, Microsoft charges

I just posted the article Software piracy funds terrorism, Microsoft charges.

In professional warez there is a lot of money to make. I’m not talking about the guys that are trading games over the internet or those copying a CD once in a while but I’m talking about the people…

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Micro$oft is merely jumping on the anti-terrosism bandwagon! What a “$urprise.” Micro$oft is so pathetic! Our government ought to refuse all of Micro$oft’s bribes and enforce our anti-monopoly laws forthwith!

Lol micrsoft should mess with terrorists hehehe that`s going to be fun :4

I say let M$ go after the piracy groups that press this shit and sell it. Warez has never been about money, these fucked up groups whether they are terrorists or not should go down, for taking advantage of the scene.

Microsoft can not be allowed to comapare Software Piracy with drug pushing. Drug pushing wrecks and ends lives - piracy merely slightly stunts already massive profits. That said, I don’t think anyone endorses piracy for profit.

here we go, Billyboy!!!

I tell ya, one day our friend Billy is going to get assassinated! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The worst terrorist plot foisted on all the people of the world is the enslavement of billions through the release of devilish virii that go by the name ‘Windows’

WTF are you all ppl talking about? MS is doing the right thing for goign after software pirates who press their programs and sell them to make profit. You all are nothing but a bunch of idiots who dont know shit on how the real world runs. they just said they are not going after the average guy who burns a cd here or there but after big organized pirates who use the money to earn funds for terrorists. Yes MS is a billion dollar corporation but MS has thousands of jobs and if they lose money, they have to cut back on jobs. Stop posting ignorant comments and make sense for once.

I would like too add a further comment on this particular subject, no offence is intented to any single individual ok! Let us think back too 11th September 2001 when the twin towers and the pentagon was attacked by terrorists, and lots of innocent lives were lost. How in Gods name can software piracy be called an act off terrorism. Software piracy doesn’t claim lives, all it does is take a little off the sofware houses cash flow. So the big Microsoft corporation thinks because an a group of individuals sell their software for a profit, it puts them in the same catagory as the terrorist that attacked the USA! Am I missing something, if a person sells a cd he/she has comitted an act of terrorism and should be punished in the same manner as those responsible for the attacks on the USA. I would love to have a live debate on this subject on TV with Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and the Mighty Microsoft Corp. Terrorists are organisations that plant incederies and take innocent lives. If a bill is passed which makes a sofware pirate a terrorist, then the whole world is seriously screwed up and the people in power have no right to be there. If an individual took a life thats an act of murder, not an act of a terrorism. I am posting these comments too all the newspapers. Obviously the powers that be rewrite the term for what terrorist means. I cannot even comprehend how a so called sofware pirate can be called a terrorist. Too punish in the same way is ironic. no further comments at this time! GrEeTz FrOm ThE UK!

@ el_loco: The article doesn’t say that piracy is okay, It says that It’s not really comparable to crashing planes into civillian buildings.

Traditionally the major funding for the IRA has come from the US… and not Colombia. I wonder where they are getting their facts from… although I do remember reading about IRA pressing plants in Ireland producing playstation CDs.

Just imagine that you buy a copy of a new OS/Game and you support a terrorist with it!? Well, think again…a lot of those guys have networks in Holland and how do you raise a lot of cash in a small amount of time??? Drugs and software! Don’t be an prick by saying it’s not that way. Maybe for you, because you get a free copy from the internet or a friend…but what about the guys who SELL the stuff? Do you ask them what they do with it? So maybe it isn’t such a stupid idea after all… :wink:

Hey Euphoria hope u were not calling me a “P***K” I take great offence @ that, I have been a member of this board for a very long time and will not tolerate replies like that :8 OH for the record my m8ts don’t support terrorists and I very much doubt the Admins/Sysops like that kind of attitute, I just made a point, and as I said no OFFENCE too anyone. Put yer glasses on next time ok

Doesn’t anyone notice the discrepancy here? In the first paragraph they talk like they are only after people that press cd’s for resale. But then they go on to discuss their so-called automated process of looking for software offered online. Who in their right mind would believe that people press cd’s then upload them? sheesh. It’s obvious M$hit are after the little guy just as much as they are anyone.