Software or equipment that can override Copy Protection of License Protected Program?

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I’ve not seen this Topic Covered within this Forum.

Are there any available software or equipment that can override Copy Protection of License Protected Programming, such as HBO (others)???

This was not a Problem with VHS back in the day. Those in the know were Privy to the Wonders Go Video Double Deck VCR’s with Americhrome Circuitry specifically Designed to Override Copy Protection.

With my Media Center PC, I can Record Television and Movies and burn the File to Disk. Most important, I have the Option to Archive the Files on Disk or make a DVD that will play in any Universal Stand Alone Player/Recorder or any PC with DVD Player/Recorder as long as the Codec is up to date.

While I can Archive License Protected Programming on DVD and Play them on my Computer. I cannot Burn Files to make a DVD on Sonic or Roxio Easy Media Creator (others).

Again, is there such a DVD Software Program that will Override License Protected Programming and Create DVD’s for Archiving or to share with my Friends.???

I trust License Protection of Burning Files to Create DVD’s will be covered on
this site. Windows Media Center PC’s are becomming increasingly popular.
More Television Programming are Protecting their Media with License Protection.

Please Advise

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hi, i’m no expert on this stuff, but it has definitely been discussed before. perhaps this thread is relevant:

at least it’s something to look into while you’re waiting for a response…

it seems like half of your thread is asking abut capturing protected television channels while the other half mentioned creating a dvd with roxio, etc…are you asking about created a dvd from TV material in the second part of your question or is that a separate question? it’s unclear what the second part of your thread is asking.