Software on DVD-R. Possible?



I would like to back up a large (1.7 GB) software program. I was wondering if it’s possible to burn it onto 1 DVD-R disc. If not - is there a way of splitting such a large file onto 3 CDs? Will it work OK when I try to install the program on another PC?


burn it onto 1 DVD-R and be able to install it ? all depends what is it…possibly.
split to 3 cds ? doubt it, unless it was originally released as 3 cds


I think you could something like WinZip, Winrar to split the file into thee pieces.


Well I answered my own question and it appears to have worked. The folder and all it’s contents are on the DVD-R and I don’t see why I wouldn’t be able to copy the folder onto another PC’s hard drive. For some reason I was always under the impression that you couldn’t copy data onto DVD-R ??? I must be a newbie.


If you don’t have the original Installation discs to back up, I would not count on just moving the folder (s) that it installed to onto a new pc and have it work, I don’t think it will, but good luck.