Software no longer recognizes CD drives

At this point, Clone CD is the only burner software that will work for me.

No other software will even recognize either my CDRW or CDROM drive. When I try to locate the drives with utilities, CDRIdentifier and neroping do not find them. Roxio’s Infotool recognizes the existence of the drives, but no longer provides information about them.

Nero, Burnatonce and CDBurnerXPPro previously did recognize and burn CDs for me. Now they can’t find my CD drives.

Admittedly, the system is underpowered – K6-166 with 64MB of RAM and two HDDs of 3G and 1G in size. The CDRW, which I’ve had installed for a week, is a Pacific Digital Mach 52 (52-24-52), which is actually a BTC 5224IM. It came with Nero 5.5.9, which I’ve been using.

I’m running Win98SE and have current ASPI drivers installed.

I have successfully burned discs before, and Clone CD still works just fine. I don’t know what’s going on with the software. Is some sort of driver missing from the system?

do the drives show up in device manager?

Originally posted by AZImmortal
do the drives show up in device manager?

No problem there. The drives appear in Device Manager, and I can access the drives in Windows Explorer.

To clarify my Clone CD remarks (Clone CD being the only program that at the moment will write to my CDRW), I originally installed Clone CD with the virtual drive.

Thinking that might be causing confusion, I removed Clone CD. Finding no improvement, I have reinstalled Clone CD, without the virtual drive.

Another thought: Could there be a Registry entry that got lost in my repeated installs/uninstalls of different burner software programs?

I suspect ASPi to be the problem. What ASPI version do you have? The only reliable version to work with every app known is ASPI 4.60

Try that if you dont have it. I am unsure of how you would go about removing current ASPI version, I guess running ASPI check and removing all the file sit lists active would do the trick.

i think u can overwrite the existing aspi without having to remove it first.

It’s almost certainly a case of a corrupted aspi layer. CloneCD still works because it doesn’t require aspi but the other freeware burning programs mentioned both require it.

If the required files are there (but not doing the job) you can just re-install aspi 4.6 straight over the top of them and then re-boot to restore the aspi layer.

(That’s all I did when mine failed after updating a burning proggy recently.)

Well, it’s been a battle, but the burner software and utilities are recognizing my drive, and I’m burning successfully with Nero.

I did have ASPI 4.6 installed, so that wasn’t the problem. All I can say is, the CDR problem cleared up after I corrected the Windows Registry to repair a problem I suddenly began having with Explorer 6.

Seems Explorer stopped saving pages, searching on its own pages, and opening new windows, including Javascript.

Once I found the solution and fixed the Registry, my CDR started working as well. No idea if the two problems are related, but I’m burning CDs again – but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.