Software Needed to Rip DVD video to Standard AVI or MPEG2



Hello Experts,

I got a DVD video camera for christmas and its not one that can connect to the PC so i need to rip the videos to my hard drive in any standard format that media player supports like AVI or MPeg2.

I’ll me making my own authored DVDs form the film i get on the tiny 30 minute so it needs to be a standard. Of course, i want the best quality possible as it will be played on my TV and probably the families.

So what I need is some easy to use software that will extract the video and convert to the requested file types. In built copy protection is not needed and it produces region free DVDs. If the software includes then then its no bother.

Ideally i’d like a free one but for the sake of £25 i dont mind paying as long as it does the job well.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


i could suggest imtoo dvd riper which i think you need to search in google for

Don’t now if it is free or not but i heard it is a good from other forums.

Happy to help,


How odd.

I downloaded Xilisoft DVD Ripper and it looks EXACTLY the same.

I could only rip to MPG1. Mpeg to ripped with no video (but with sound and AnyDVD) Ripped to AVI but with Divx compressions so windows movie maker wouldnt play it ( i have to use windows movie maker for this project imparticular )

I’ll give it a try but i’m not confident given the exact same layout. difference is the actually look of the buttons.

I’ll update the progress.


Funnily anoughmembered the setings from my installation of the xilisoft copy. Dont think this will work.


Nope, that didnt work as Mpeg 2 I’m afraid. Mpeg 1 did but i really dont want to have to use that.