Software needed for OEM 2500a

What software should/need to get for a NEC 2500a. I am getting an OEM version with no software so and recomendations would be great. I know with my cd burner (piece of crap) i had to install InCD and Nero to get it to write so i was wondering if there were “required” programs to install for a DVd burner.

An “UP TO DATE” burning software is all you need. Though some driver issues or hardware setup issues may emerge with some probability, everything will work fine in principle. Just same as a CD drive, except you can’t drag a file and burn it in your explorer. WinXP still doesn’t support DVDRW as it does for CDRW.

Of course if you want to use an RW media like a floppy disc, you need an additional software such as InCD, I think you already know this.

DVD Shrink
DVD Decryter
Nero Burning Rom
PowerDVD 5.0 Deluxe

It is not recommended that you install InCD if you intend to burn DVD’s. Check out this thread

//Dex// Hey, do not automatically assume everyone is ripping dvds to make backups. (Probably he is… :slight_smile: )

//Dee-27// Well, I don’t trust packet writing softwares much, but I didn’t realize they make so much troubles. For me, I installed InCD for fun, then I was too lazy to uninstall it. :slight_smile: But I had no problem in writing DVDs (I usually use CopytoDVD) afterwards.

Why not? It’s not like this freeware is going to break the bank. DVD Decryter is also able to make a quick backup to an ISO image of a data DVD, which can be turned around and quickly burned with Nero. Dex’s post put in this order is a very good starter for first time burning software.

1.) Nero Burning Rom (you can download a trial version)
2.) PowerDVD 5.0 Deluxe
3.) DVD Shrink (freeware but very good)
4.) DVD Decryter (also freeware and very good)

You might be able to get a friend to give you their copy of 1.) and 2.) if you have friends who purchase extra drives and don’t need it. You need to avoid the OEM versions, the ones which usually don’t come with a serial number, as they will run only on the drives that they were shipped with. Nero can be downloaded as a trial version and I think you would find that it’s well worth the purchase. On the matter of packet writing, Incd is better than most programs and is included with Nero, so it’s probably the choice to use if you need packet writing, i.e. DLA (drive letter access.) Absolutely stay away from Roxio’s direct CD/Drag to Disc! It will not uninstall properly and must be finished by hand.

Go for DVD Shrink 3.2. Some nice new features in it that make it an even better piece of free software.

Any other options to Nero?

Maybe this one

Not free but something you could try:

You can use Sonic RecordNow 7.

Earlier versions of RecordNow (like the popular 4.6) may work if you hack the drivers for it. See this thread: