Software modding the Wii 4.3U

My wife got one of these decks and I was wondering, if it’s possible to rip and backup her games on dvds so she could let the grandchildren play the backups, and put the originals up? I’ve seen all kinds of different software but, am not sure which if, any is capable of modding this deck for the purpose mentioned? Thanks!

In order to softmod a 4.3U Wii, you will require a 2GB SD card and the original game Mario Super Smash Bros Brawl or Lego Indiana Jones 1. See here for all the information.

I am not sure if a 4.3 modded Wii can read non-Wii dvd’s, but i’m sure it can read the games from a USB harddisk device.

yes, follow the guide posted above.

you will be able to dump games through your wii using usb loader to your external hard drive. then play the games using usb loader without the disc.

also read these threads

the hacking instructions in the above threads are outdated. but the information is still relevant. you will need to follow Hack My Wii, it is up dated as of 2 days ago.