Software? Media? Burner? or Player?

My goal of asking this is to determine where to start.

My burns have gone fine for years. DVD-Shrink was my tool of choice. Lately if it wont work I use RipitForme.

Anyway, I’ve noticed a large number of my discs will freeze up every now and then.

What normally causes this?

The burning process?

Or the player playing it back?

I ask since they always play great on my PCs. But in our home players Philips DVPS-5140 its kinda spotty. I tried playing one that was acting up in our Tivo Pioneer player and it didn’t freeze at all.

Do I need a better player? One that is less finicky than these philips players?

Can it be the burning process that is causing this?

Thanks for anyone who can steer me in the right direction. Since I dont know if this is a media, software, or hardware issue I didnt know where to post this…

What’s the media , what burner do you have & what speed do you burn at?

Comp Usa media. (DVD+r) mid = AML
Burn at 4x
Burner is Sony DWQ58A

Get some decent media. Verbatim 16x +R is pretty good and easily obtainable. Should give very good burn quality at 8x in your burner.

What I dont quite understand is how the media can effect it in some movies but not others.


Old movie, burn with shrink and all is well.

New movie, burn with shrink again and again all is copied just fine. But at playback on the tv it can freeze once in a while. Even in FF or REW modes.

Plays fine on a PC always though.

How do the old movies always work but the new ones can be spotty if its the media?

I’m not saying that using better media wont help, I’m sure it will. I’m trying to understand why.

Seems like if its the media it would be prone to errors like that no matter what I am copying…

Am I communicating this confusion well?

Cheap media can be variable, meaning whilst it may burn 100% fine one time, it doesn’t necessarily mean subsequent burns will too. That’s if you’re lucky - if you’re unlucky, it’ll fail to burn at all.

Thing is, no one can tell with cheaper media what it’ll do. :slight_smile:

I think trying better media is the easiest and cheapest option - if that doesn’t help, then perhaps we can move on to other areas.

I do plan on getting verbatim dvd+rs real soon.

Question, once its burnt is the problem unable to be rectified. Meaning can I rip a cheap media burn onto my pc and reburn with a good disc?

Where I am stumped is in the fact that I can guarantee that old movies do fine. Its only new ones…

I personally would rip to ISO, test the cheap media burn, and if it’s dodgy, reburn from the ISO onto a good disc. :slight_smile:

I only say that because I never tried re-ripping from a “dodgy” burn, so maybe someone else has an answer there.

As for it only happening with newer movies - maybe try downloading a different software (DVD Fab Platinum trial for example), and ripping/burning with that. That would tell you if it’s a ripping problem :slight_smile:

So far I have worked with dvddecrypter, dvdfabdecrypter, dvdshrink, ripit4me, & clonedvd2.

is there one that is highly recommended over others? or will one work ok once and then do a dodgy burn the next time?

DVDFab Decrypter, or AnyDVD/CloneDVD2 should work well. I use the AnyDVD/CloneDVD2 combo on my mum’s PC and haven’t had a problem yet :wink: