Software list

Hello. Can anyone help me complete the list with all software for disc quality scanning? Anyone can help, just reply please if you know any more software.

Nero CD-DVD Speed/DiscSpeed/CDSpeed
Kprobe (Liteon)
Plextools Pro/PlexUtilities/Plexview (Plextor)
Opti Drive Control
PxScan/PxView (Plextor)
LtnFlash (LiteOn)
DVDScan (LiteOn)
QScan (Benq)


WSES guide - read carefully before using WSES

Thank you so much! Does anyone know any more software?
P.S.: WSES does quality scan only on LiteON or only Asus? I can’t clearly understand. Someone says LiteOn, and someone else Asus in that topic.
Also I saw DVDisaster can report C2, so there is another

I found more: PxLinux, UM Doctor Pro (Optorite), Eclipse Suite (Pioneer). Anyone know more?


CD Doctor
LG Optical Disc Doctor

P.S.: May an admin/mod make this sticky? It may be helpful to have all the software in the same topic.

A suggestion: if we make a softwarelist, it would be interesting, to add such information like: date of last update, media supported (cd, dvd, br), drive supported and cost/free