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what software is available to burn movies i have dvd x copy i want to use it for movies i have a 1300a but there seems to be something wrong with dvd x xopy dont like it please direct and tell me which one works such as nero etc. I need to test other software to determine wether its the drive or my pc. thanks.


Hi ocelot25,

Before answering your question, I have a little request. Could you perhaps try to use more puntuantion marks etc, in order to make your posts better readable. It’s not that writing like this is prohibited, but chances are great that people don’t understand what you are asking, or simply don’t want to read everything all over 3 times before actually getting the problem/question.

Okay, back to the problem. You say that DVDXCopy isn’t working out for you. As you say you want to copy movies, you need three programs:

  1. program to read the original DVD with
  2. program to compress the original DVD to fit it on a DVDR
  3. program to write the DVD

My personal favourites are DVDDecrypter (1), DVD2ONE (2) / DVDShrink (2) and Nero burning rom (3).

I don’t know much you know about DVD, but I think by installing these programs (I suggest to use DVDDecrypter and DVDShrink, as they come for free!) and trying a little, you can find out a lot. A search on our forums might be of help as well. And ofcourse, if there are any questions left, don’t fear to ask :slight_smile: