Software increases DVD burn quality

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I currently use Nero for burning. I was thinking if the software affects burn quality?


To some degree it does. However, just slowing the burn down can improve quality quite a lot. And on a modern burner the amount of change it would make to use a different program is… negligible.

Now that’s not to say there aren’t good reasons to use one program over another. Nero, for example, on a routine basis seems to goon up their Video DVD template causing discs burned with it to be a bit flaky on some set-top boxes. They fix it one release, then screw it up again the next release. shrug

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Most DVD Burning software programs now days do a good job. A factor in burning a quality DVD which is often over looked is using good reliable DVD media. A good portion of the DVD media being marketed today is substandard in quality. To acquire information on good quality DVD media suggest visiting the CD Freaks Blank Media Forum ( Also it is a good idea to read the “Media FAQs” (

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Thanks all for the replies!

Looking around, it seems CloneDVD is a popular program. I was thinking people might be choosing it because it does better burns.

Erm, just how can the burning s/w make a difference to a burn other than the speed selected? Once a speed has been set, is it not the drive that decides the strategy used and controls the burn process? The s/w can set a ram buffer for data flow, but as to the burn itself - be interesting to find out how this can actually be the case.

I recall a posted comment how one person got better burns using RecordNow vs. Nero. He claimed his PIE / PIF’s were lower with RecordNow. I can’t seem to find the post, but I know I saw it recently.

Anyone care to comment: re. RecordNow (Sonic) vs. Nero? As are all here, I’m really curious whether different software can produce lower PIE/PIF scores than burning with Nero.