Software group BSA: antipiracy measurements help economies



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 The Business Software Alliance antipiracy organization, with members  including Microsoft, Adobe Systems, and Cisco Systems, is planning to release a study suggesting that increasing copy ...
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China and Russia should know paying for software means paying US/Europe/MicroSoft. They would be better off spending IT money to move to free/open software from the pirate versions of windows they run now. I believe this is what China threatened to do and Microsoft came running with source code to prove the NSA did not have back door codes to windows (That is what windows update it for) and I’m sure a big discount; Knowing China they will take the source and the discount and still move to linux. :slight_smile:


If They paid me lotsa money to do a study for them, I’m sure my findings would lean toward their opinion and favour…well ya wanna get paid doncha… :X


Assuming we’d pay for all the things we pirate now it would create a lot of jobs. But people won’t buy all those things. In the end they’ll realize that’s there is only so much demand for their product and no matter what they do, that’s all they can ever hope to make. A country with low IT sectors probably has a lot of low sectors. Countries with high piracy rates are more concerned with making sure they have something to eat. Even if they didn’t pirate they still wouldn’t have enough money to buy the stuff at the rate their pirating it. Just like me, I use Office because all my friends use Office so it’s easy to send documents to them. But I know they’re too cheap to run out and actually buy it. If they didn’t have their free versions I would have no reason to pay for my version. The only reason I’m running Windows XP is because I got jealous of everyone and their stolen copy. If they didn’t steal it I would never have bought my copy. I would have just waited until I got a new computer.


Ihave only had to write 12 offical letters in the last year and have spent a microshaftyou fortune in software. So I plead, do’nt buy it, save a fortune"! Office software can be got freeware etc.


a study suggesting that increasing copy protections could generate jobs and tax revenue:
stop firing people all the time could also generate or at least preserve jobs, but I guess Microsoft and others won’t like my proposal.
nations with the lowest piracy rates had the largest IT sectors
total crap. now, I am no economics expert, but I know that capitalist economy works this way: if people have enough money for consumerist purposes, they will spend this money and boost economy. if economy experiences a boost, people will get more money and again, in a circle, will consume and strengthen economy. Meaning, not piracy hurts economy, but rather bad economic situation generated piracy. because, if people don’t have money, they still have the urge to consume, so how do they solve this problem? they consume by means of piracy. Meaning, if the business sector wants to break out of this vicious circle, they should force stupid G. Bush to deal with economic issues, not with Iraq. same is true for german chancellor and for Putin in Russia. They all try to divert public attention away from the inner issues by concentrating on outer issues, and in the meantime piracy increases CDFreaks, please add “quote” button to the reply box, otherwise I have to write quote tags myself everytime I quote something, this annoys me
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the fact that copy protection generates new jobs now will not help when copy protection causes the entire industry to go bust…


read this properly, I think they got it backwards, a thriving IT industry reduses software piracy not the other way around.


i was thinking that too, they go from saying that countries with undeveloped it industries (which all are inherantly poor countries) will get more jobs if they dont have access to pirate software. how does that work? people in a country wont be able to afford to by micro$haft stuff and will move to open source/free alternatives. they are still gonna be poor and jobless, those that do buy the micro$haft stuff will probly have fewer jobs to get the money to pay for the sh"t