Software gets more restricted

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UCITA being voted on tonight in Maryland

Key points affecting legal rights of software consumers:

  • Eliminates the right of return…
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Just a little bit of arogance, isn’t it? Even the poor quality of software, we have now a days, will get worse.

Isn’t this all going to make consumers buy LESS ? If you can’t even expect a company to FIX the problem you have because they made a lowsy product which you bought, then what’s the use of taking the risc to buy a product ? I think this will make people start burning software more instead of buying the original…

Kaum einer kauft sich noch Original Software .
Ich habe 150 gebrannte CD´s davon sind 30 original und davon sind 25 demo-CD´s .

So titles like UltimaIX that would even run off the shelf, because it was rush for christmas. Non Returnable! No responsability to produce fixes! BullSh*t! If it goes through consumers will get raped by companies like Origin.

it just means we have to take more of a stand using the internet as a medium. time to design more product complaint sites. the hand has been squeezing more and more every year, so slowly we don’t catch it.

well this means im gonna be using my linux box more…i just wish i could make vcd in linux then i would be all set…i would be 100% winders free…hell 98% of the linux software is free theres just not 100% of the software in winders for linux yet but soon…