Software for testing CD quality?



Anyone know where to download software for testing CD quality(c1 & c2 errors)? Except Nero CD speed...



I would want one too.


CDR Diagnostic I believe…use search for more tips


Ooh, I need something like that too…


CDR Diag is great!.. for $50!


You need special hardware to test for C1 errors, so no can’t do for most of us. I’d sure love to get my hands on one though!

In real life though, No C2 errors assures on a disk means long lasting reliability. Heck, even with C2 errors your disk can be read most of the time with no problems!

As was said before, CD-R Diagnostic as well as CD Speed will do C2 error detection. I’ve used both and cannot honestly see much of a performance and actual usability difference between the two, and CD Speed can do many other tests as well and is FREE (CD-R Diagnostic isn’t)