Software for subtitles

The one thing I have yet to get into is DVD creation and burning. Well, my friedn is making me an image of a home DVD from a DV camera and putting it on DVD, its something I am doing for my parents. It’s my first time ever experiemnting with burning software, and it will be done on my friends PC and to be completely honest I do not know what software he has available to him.

I also wanted to know if there is software to, unless its a feature in burning software as it is, but how do sub-titles work? If say I want to add sub-titles to a DVD image, is that done within the burning sofwtare somehow, or should I anticipate 3rd party software. Or maybe 3rd party software is better?

I would like to here feedback and user opinions.

Thanks a Lot!!!

i have tried to add subtitles to my dvds, the only program i found that can do a good job (not out of sync and very hard to use) was Adobe® Encore™ DVD, but this costs about $500. i think subtitles are held in the vob files as extra data that can be read by compatible players, but MPEG-4 (and a few other video formats) can also contain subtitles.

ben :slight_smile:

ps. i am also looking for some good subtitling software so if anybody knows of some that would be great :slight_smile:

Yes, and free or cheap is better. I will see if there is a student version available of Encore or an evaluation because I think I will need it just this 1 time.


May be one of the Pinnacle software can manage what you intend to do.

I’ll check my version and will let you know my experience.

It probably can, but isn’t it also as expensive if not more expensive than Adobe software?

Have you looked at the site?

Unfortunately I had no chance to check my version, will do it in the morning. If it can handle the subtitle issue, I will send you, if it is possible (size, etc.).

The price is about 150 Euros, appr. 130 USD.

I checked my version, it is an older one and can not handle the subtitle issue.

My guess was right, the price of Pinnacle Instant VideoAlbum Plus: 139 Euro. So, cheaper than the other software, though I still don’t know whether it is suitable for subtitling DVDs.

Sorry, could not help.