Software for splitting big files into pieces! Please help!



I recently decided I want to make a complete format of my pc so I can start fresh. But, I have some big files I downloaded and I don’t want to loose. As I don’t have a DVD burner, I would like to write these files onto CD’s, but they are way too big (one is 3,2 GB, the other 2,8GB). Some are in .rar, some are .vobs
So, I need a program that will split my files into few files so they will fit on a CD, but later I can turn these parts of that file into one file again without corrupting it.
Is there a way or a software to do it? And how? Please someone tell me the best (and the easiest way to do it).
I am very gratefull. Thanx a lot! :slight_smile:

but you should NOT split VOB files, or any media files, with a normal file splitter.
suggest creating another partition and moving your files to that partition before you reformat. or using nero backitup


Just use 7zip/WinRAR or something and split…


And my .rar’s will work normal when I put them back together?
Ok, I won’t split .vobs, I will put them to my Zen Touch mp3 player.

Thanx a lot!


And how do I do that with WinRAR? :sad:


In WinRar’s “Add” dialog, in the lower left corner is a “split in volumes” option - you can type the size you like there.

If they’re already RAR’s or zips, or something like that, choose not to compress (it would be a waste of time for what might be 1%).