Software for SH-S182D Silent/Slow mode?

I remember using some software last year to slow down my drives reading capacity (I think it was called silent mode), and I wondered if anyone could please tell me the name of the software :clap:

My mind has gone blank, and I can’t remember what it is. But I’m hoping it will slow down my drive, so that the rental discs I get from are not going to misbehave because of faster speeds.


AnyDVD or nero drive speed.

[QUOTE=vroom;2174904]AnyDVD or nero drive speed.[/QUOTE]

I have tried both of those, and I still get a rise in speed when I open the DVD in an external app. So I wanted to try the official samsung tool, to see if that helped :slight_smile:


do you mean Magic Speed from Samsung?
Get it here:

MAGIC SPEED is a program that controls reading speed only for CD.
It doesn’t control recording speed and reading speed for DVD.

So I am not sure if that works for you.


Samsung drives are already slow as molasses out of the box. Why would anyone need to make them any slower?

Can you imagine that there are people who use their drive to [B]watch [/B]a video DVD instead of just ripping? :bigsmile:
These people need 1x read speed.