Software for scsi multi recorder burning

I am new to this forum and I am in need for software which would be capable to burn 7 cd’s at once from one image. I tried to burn with nero, but it crashes…
So I think maybe there is better program.
I am using windows xp, have two scsi controlers(adaptec aha-2910c) and 7 cd drives matsushita cw-7502
Thanks for any answers.


try ImgBurn. Maybe you need multiple instances running to use several drives at once.


Thanks for your reply, I have tried imgburn but it doesnt offer multi recorder burning, I tried to open 6 programs at once and found out that my pc slows down a lot, I think it wont be able to burn in such condition, my drives doesnt have underrun protection. So is there any more freeware programs to try, or free trial ?