Software for organizing Movies on Windows enviroment

I would like to know ifthere is any software that can organize my DVD collection that is on my hard drive as well as my home movies. So, that when I open the software and click on the software the movie will play.

Can this work with Windows XP?

You can do this with the My Movies 2 for Windows Media Center. Unfortunately, Windows Media Center is only included in Microsoft Media Center 2005 (a version of XP) and Vista Ultimate and Vista Home Premium.

You can also just enable the DVD Library in Vista Media Center:

There is also a program called DVDPlay, which is a helper program for VLC media player. [B]Here is a link to the download[/B] You don’t have to use their program called DVDRip to work with DVDPlay. You can decrypt and rip to the hard drive using whatever tool you want, like RipIt4Me, DVDFab HD Decrypter, AnyDVD, etc.

DVDPlay and VLC will work in XP.

Thank you for your reply, unfortuntly I only have Windows XP & Windows Table PC I am not planning to upgrade soon to Windows Vista.

I will explore your recommendation.

Thank you again for your help

I am using Collectorz Movie Collector

And I think it’s great software. I’m satisfied with it.

Sorry I did not read you post til the end. You cant start movies through this software but it’s great for making database of your movie.

Ant Movie Catalog is free and real capable. It has a scripting language so you could write a routine to start your movie player from it.

So this is real easy, first you need Ember Media Manager, after downloading and installing this, have it run through and organize all your movies and TV shows with album art and info (the works). After that have it organize all of it into folders for you too so it’s all stored nice and neat. After that go and get Boxee, install it and use it as your PC interface to all your media (mainly videos) and it will take all the info EMM did and use it to create a thumbnail layout of all your movies and it will play them on command too.

To organize audio use MediaMonkey
For photos use Picasa

PM or email if you have any questions