Software for JVC GZ-HM30BE



hi, i try to made some search by your site but i cannot find something usefull so i use the newbie section (as i am).

I have a JVC GZ-HM30BE and my children lost the cd where they’re are the software that i used for backup the video.

Now it’s installed in the compu ter of the uncle but i want to backup the video in my pc; i’ve got a xp pc.

Can you suggest me the right way to move? I think i cannot write to jvc to have the cd right back (it’s passed almost 3 years)

Have you any idea or some other software to made that backup? Thanks for your help.

Have a good day. Thanks again


Hi and Welcome,

contacting JVC support would be the best idea. Perhaps you can buy the software CD as “spare part”. And of course you’ll then might have to remove the software from your uncle’s computer.

Additionally, you should try to find out if you can access the stored videos on the device connected to your computer directly using a file manager like Windows Explorer.

Edit: if you can manage to copy the video to your computer, see if you can play it with VLC (official website: - download only from there!).