Software for editing Rockridge ISO images

Is there any software out there that supports the editing of Rockridge extensions on ISO images? I’m trying to slipstream the MSDN Windows 2000 Versions CD and the progs I’m using don’t seem to like seeing the file as CD-sized. UltraISO and WinISO both see the disc as 1.2 GB rather than the 475 MB it really is.

Even though this is for Windows, I have access to Mac and Linux boxes, so software for those OSes could help.

Any suggestions?

If you wrote the cd to a virtual disc recorder you’d at least have an image on your harddisk. For editiing that image , i dunno yet.

Virtual disc recorder? I’m not sure what you mean by that. I do know that just extracting the image (on XP) gets you a 1.2 GB size directory since all of the links are followed and copied out. I suppose you mean something totally different with the virtual thing.

If you could explain, I’d appreciate it! Thanks for the quick reply.

In a writer program like Nero Burning Rom ther is also a virtual device installed. You can use/choose this “recorder” to “record” a cd to harddisk. It could be that the image will stay well within the limits of a physical cd (80 minutes) , concerning that it should behave just like a normal recorder (your writer).

Isobuster can handle RockRidge iso-images. Don’t know if it can do what you want… (slipstream a cd???)


Ah, by ‘slipstreaming’ I presume you mean the things mentioned here.

Oh sweet! That link will be perfect, I think. Let’s see…gotta mow the lawn, feed the kid, run to Fry’s…I’ll try it out tonight and post back here my results.

Thanks a bunch!