Software for DVD to MPEG2 with burnt-in selected subtitles



Hello, guys, I deliberately didn’t post this thread to the newbie section, since I don’t consider myself a newbie, rather an advanced user of video editing, but there is a point when advice would help. Namely, what I would like to do is convert a DVD movie from original DVD into an mpeg2 file in that way that the subtitles would be burnt into the mpeg file. I need this for cable TV broadacast of licensed movies and I have been solving this issue so far by real time S-VSHS playout with subtitles and recording the movie into hard disk recorder or into the playout PC via video capture card. It would save me a lot of time if I could convert the DVD movie directly to MPEG2 file with subtitles already “burnt” into the file. I will appreciate any possible advice and help. This is the first time I decided to post on the forum, although I have been reading it for a few years now. I tried to search but no satisfactory results were returned. I also tried to do this with DVDx program but results were not satisfactory, resolution and quality weren’t good enough. Thank you in advance and all the best to each of you, fellow members.


Use VOB2MPG to convert VOB files into a single MPG. No re-encoding is done so no quality is lost. Subtitles are already inside the VOB, hopefully this tool will retain that, but it does support multi-audio. btw, VOB file is already a form of MPEG2, geared toward DVD format.


Thanks, nice tool I wasn’t aware of, but unfortunately it is not enough to just merge the VOB files, what I would like to do is make the selected subtitles actually visible on screen when playing this mpg file, without selecting them, I want them to be “burnt-in”. But this is a very nice program for lossless merging of VOB files from a DVD which has only one audio stream and no subtitles. For my problem I found a program, called MAX DVDtoMPEG which does exactly that but the quality is terrible. Full feature film in MPEG2 option only 800 MB, come on…?? Maybe registered version does a better job…I have to check out with the developers but so far no replies from them…
Thank you for your post, though.


Hi! I don’t know if you have found a suitable solution yet, but you can try using DVD2SVCD. I just recall using this to convert DVD to SVCD with permanent subtitles a long time ago. The only way to have subtitles “burnt-in” to the video is through re-encoding if you want MPG output (program stream) only. Well, I just run a test with the updated version 1.2.3B1 DVD to DVD with selected permanent subtitle and it works perfectly. Note that this program makes use of popular encoders (CCE, TMPGEnc, Procoder, QuEnc), and their quality output is superb with the right settings. I used CCE OPV mode (1-pass) because I was just running a test on selected frames and the quality is still good as the original.

Give it a try and if you have general questions in using this software, let me know.


Thank you very much, I will try it (haven’t so far) and will post if the results are satisfactory, which I believe will be.