Software for DVD/CD RW Media?



[B]I am a real newbie about burning CD/DVDs…so please bear with my ignorance :slight_smile:

I just got an external Samsung SE-S084B DVD writer for Christmas. I really would like to be able to use DVD and CD rewritable media. Nero InCD was problematic for me so I completely uninstalled Nero and InCD from my computer with the remove tool from Nero. Is there any other software that will enable me to drop files on to the RW as InCD does without having to erase the entire disc each time I want to remove something from it? I tried CDBurnerXP, but apparently you can’t just drag files onto it, and if you want to remove any files from the CD/DVD RW you have to erase the entire disc.

I tried a software called InstantWrite (Pinnacle software), but it obviously didn’t support my drive as I kept getting blue screens and crashes when I tried to format different types of DVD RW (including Verbatim DVDs).

I am not concerned about having any fancy software to copy movies, make audio CDs, etc. All I am looking for is basic DVD or CD copy discs and the ability to easily use CD/DVD RW media like a floppy. Is there anything else out there besides Nero and InCD?

I would really appreciate some advice here because I am frustrated, spending three days doing nothing else but trying out different software for my new DVD writer. :confused:

Thank you much in advance.


[B]I have a Samsung USB external slim DVD writer (#SE-S084B). I am using Dragon Disc 2 for packet writing software. Now all I need is software that will allow me to make DVD and CD copy-to-copy, as well as compile a music CD from audio files. I really don’t need more than that. Is there any software that you might recommend? I don’t want to pay a lot of money for a premium program that does everything for movie media making, backups, etc. I just want to copy CDs and DVDs and make music discs. Any recommendations/suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you very much[/B] :flower:



Try Sonic DLA which is drag and drop. Just do a google search to find the website.

Hope this helps.


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