Software for DVD Burning

I’m almost completely new to DVD burning…I burnt a few discs with Roxio several years ago but other than that have not done any DVD burning. I now have an NEC 1300A burner and a Lite-On 16X burner. I will be using my burners to archive digital pictures and back-up DVD movies. Is there a general consensus of which software(s) is/are best for burning? If I can get a free one that’s great but if there is a logical reason, I’m not opposed to buying the right software. My Lite-On burner comes with Nero Express, which I have not tried out yet but I would think is pretty nice since Nero seems to have a substantial number of loyal followers. Thanks for the newbie help!

Nero is fine, and for freeware programs I also use ImgBurn (can burn both .ISO and similar Image files as well as somewhat restricted data file burning) and CD Burner XP Pro.