Software for DL custom Layerbreak? Multiple Drive

Hi. This far I have yet to find a program that will allow me to burn using a custom layerbreak to MULTIPLE dvd-drives for dual-layer media.
I know IMGburn can set custom LB and thats good and all, but I need software that allows me to burn to multiple drives at once.

I know that NERO Burning ROM allows to burn to multi drives, but how do I set custom Layer Break in Nero?

Any ofther software that will do the job? Freeware or pay no problem./
Please help. :bow:

So far I have been using multiple HDDs and opening multiple instances of IMG burn but It’s tedious and time comsuming to copy the files over to each HDD every time. :frowning:

arrrr you have 2 threads for the same thing…

Please delete this thread. :smiley: