Software for Detecting Pauses or Continuous



On most albums I have, some songs merge into one another and some have pauses between them. When I burn these albums there are pauses between some tracks when I do not want there to be, whereas some of the tracks require pauses between them. Is there any software available which will automatically detect if there is silence or not between tracks before I burn an album, as listening to and logging which songs have pauses and which have not is a slow process. I use Nero 6.0 for burning.

Thank You


As far as I know, the only way to accomplish what you want is manual.


I am not an expert with nero but I think nero wave editor can do that.


I have the same question. So far haven’t been able to find some program that can join certain tunes, like using the drag and drop technique. I had to do it manually. For that purpose I used Sound forge, also called Sonic Foundry. I like it better than Nero.