Software for D8 to DVD-R?

2 yrs ago, I burned my D8 tapes from my Sony Digital Handycam into SVCD using ULead VideoStudio 6 (editing), Nero Burning ROM 5.XX (burning), & my old Yamaha 16/10/40 drive. All discs play on my standalone Pioneer DVD player.
Now I want to burn all my D8 tapes again but this time into DVD-R, for best quality and less discs. Will be getting Pioneer A07XLA drive and Ridata DVD-R’s. What software would be recommended? I already have ULead Videostudio 8, and I’m planning to get Nero 6 Ultra Edition? Basically same programs, newer versions. Are they still good? Or are there other suggestions?
What about programs like DVDDecrypter, CloneDVD, DVDShrink? Will they have any use for me (considering my main purpose) other than backing up DVD’s (which I won’t probably do)? Thanks

Ulead Video Studeo 8 should be all you need with Nero burn them out. The programs DVDDecrypter, CloneDVD & DVDShrink are only used when converting/backing up commercial DVD’s to fit to a DVDR.

A better option (quality wise) would be to capture ONLY in Video Studio as an uncompressed or Huffyuv AVI, then convert to dvd complaint files with a quality encoder like CCE. Have a read of the AVI to DVDR Tutorial.

[QUOTE]Ulead Video Studeo 8 should be all you need with Nero burn them out

Thanks CM. Others have suggested doing everything with Nero Vision Express or ULead VS8, from editing/authoring , to burning to DVD. Is this actually better, or might I get better results using Nero for the burning process?

You can use what every you wish, Nero Vision Express or VS8 will work, just their encoding engines are quite poor, particularly Vision Express. If I go to the trouble of capturing and convering, then I want to get the absolute very best I can, I’m not going to repeat it. So why use inferiour encoders? But thats just my opinion, some just use what ever is the easiest and take what ever it give out, quality is never mentioned.