Software for creating large ISOs

I’m trying to pack a bunch of tools into a large ISO for burning to DVDs. Using WinISO has helped me greatly for creating CDs, but it seems to puke when trying to create 4 GB ISO files. Is there any software out there that will pack an ISO for burning to a DVD? I know Roxio’s ECC will burn it (tested it out once), but I can’t get find anything to create the images.



Duh. I was under the impression that Nero could only do NRG files and such, not ISOs. Guess I’m wrong. I’ll look into that. The only thing I don’t like is that I can’t pack ISOs on a machine that is sans CD burner, unless the post I read on TACKtech is wrong.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I use ImgTool 089 dll to build my DVD images. Just create a folder VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS on the root of a drive and place your files inside the folders. Run ImgTool and select DVD image, choose the DVD drive (the hard drive with the files) and create the image. The image can then be mounted with Daemon Tools, or burned with Nero, Dvd decrypter, Prassi, etc…
nice little program. Not sure how it will handle adding something other than video DVD files…
at the bottom under VOB tools

I’ll have to try the ImgTools, though at first glance they appear to work (as you say) for audio and video only.

Nero won’t be a solution, I don’t think. It looks like you can only create ISOs from a CD, not from random files on your HDD. WinISO works wonders for me when creating <700MB images, but it just fails with anything larger. DropToCD and Undisker also have their share of limitation (and bugs). I’m really shocked that there is not an ISO program out there that supports anything but CD-sized images. Guess I’ll have to look at writing my own…

Roxio will create an ISO image, but at about 3.5 gigs it breaks the image into another piece (image.001). you can still burn the image with Roxio only. Kinda sucks, because you can not mount the image to verify that everything is there and working.

I think new winimage can inject files into ISO’s, but I don’t know if it too can handle such large files. But why not try it, what have you to lose right!


I have had no problems using Droptocd v1.5 to create isos of 4.7 gig in size.
Of course your hard drive needs to be using NTFS format else you will be limited to 4 gig if using Fat32.

Originally posted by mond
Duh. I was under the impression that Nero could only do NRG files and such, not ISOs.

I thought it was just a matter of changing the extension of the file afterwards, since the ISO standard is used…but I could be wrong there…

i think there is some proprietary information that nero stores into it, like word with its .doc settings, but it can strip that out to make iso’s as well.