Software For Creating Audio CD Image Files



I am looking to find an application that is very easy to use for just creating a CD image file of an audio CD. Specifically, here is what I want to do:

  1. Like in Nero or Roxio or any other CD/DVD burner app, I want to just select the audio files I want for making an audio CD.
  2. Instead of burning the CD to a disk, I want to create an image file of that CD compilation, so I can then transfer that image file to another computer for burning later.

Any suggestions as to freeware or non-freeware will be greatly appreciated.



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I’ve always used Nero or CloneCD for that purpose, always worked for me.


I believe you can do it with EAC as well.


EAC can save it as two files - a WAV file containing the actual sound and a CUE file containing startpoints and other info for all the tracks. EAC can also save in a compresssed format such as APE instead of WAV.

But with EAC there will always be at least two files - more if you save each track separately.


In stead of burning to your physical drive you can select the Image Recorder in Nero, [B]kjv1611[/B]. It will create an .nrg image file on your hard disk.


Yeah, this is a bit old now, but thanks for all the posts - I think I must’ve forgotten about this one, or lost the link at the time. Either way, I’m still using my same old process of throwing the MP3 files at Nero or other applications to burn audio CDs. The image file would be nice, but what I did not consider is that you can’t store it as a compressed image file - to the best of my knowledge. If there is such a thing as that, then I’ll be VERY interested in that option. Otherwise, a CD image just takes too much space for this specific purpose.


I believe that GEAR software does this as well.