Software for "cleaning up" dvd's?

I was wondering if there was any software that can clean up some of my dvd’s so other family members could watch them. I am looking for something to do the job that clearplay or cleanflix does but for me to edit my dvd’s with.

Any ideas??

Here is my take on this matter:

If the movie contains language, nudity, violence, etc, that your family does not approve of, then there is NO reason to show that film to your family. Films are art, and should be viewed the way they were meant to be viewed. Bottom line, if you have to cut/edit/censor films for your family, then they shouldn’t be watching that film. :iagree:

Well that didn’t realy help at all… :rolleyes:

But thanks anyway.

“Software to clean up DVDs…”


What do you wanna “cleanup”?
DVDs are normally ROM OR WORM media.