Software for CD Printing with Epson R230?

Hi All

I bought r230 yesterday and Im looking for any recommendations for the Software for printing CD/DVD with R230.

I have “Epson Print CD” Software which comes along with the r230 printer … but is it any good? Is there any other software which is “better” then the one which came ?

Looking forward to get some help.

Thanks :]

Acoustica and SureThing are probably the two most popular.
I use Acoustica and love it.
I believe free trial periods are offered by both.

ok thanks will try it :]

Nothing wrong with the Epson Print CD that comes with it that’s what I use
with my Epson printer. I just design my label in Photoshop save it as a .jpg
and open it in Print CD and print it. :iagree:

Could you show us how is it look like.

I absolutely hate the free Epson and Canon label printing software!

I use DiscLabel at home and at work with Epson and Canon printers and images from Photoshop. It works great, is super easy to use, and their tech support is good. It costs about $40 but I think they offer educational discounts. I have the old version (4) and it does everything I need, I don’t know if the new one is any better.

I use the Epson Print CD software with my R260 and it is as simple as it gets.