Software for burning audio cd's with overlap (but not fades)

Hi… I’m new here and have a question that might be really basic to many (I hope), but is driving me nuts. Here’s the question:

Does anyone know of an audio cd burning package that does the following:

  • allows gap time between tracks to be 0, without auto-inserting even a millisecond of a gap (lots of programs do this, i know, but read on…)
  • allows you to overlap two tracks with NO crossfades (just overlapping the tracks so the 2nd starts before the first has fully ended)
  • allows to you overlap two tracks and specify if you want to fade out the previous track only, fade in the NEXT track only, or do both (fade the previous track out and the next one in)
  • allows you to specify the TIME of each fade in hundreths of seconds (as opposed to tenths or even full seconds)
  • allows you to edit a music file (mp3 or wav) by chopping off a piece if desired and then saving what’s left as a new file

Here’s how I’ve come to be looking for this: I’d used the original release of Roxio’s “Easy CD and DVD Burning” (the red box, previously known as “Easy CD and DVD Burning 6”) for years on an XP box I had. I loved that program mainly for it’s crossfading flexibility as it did everything I describe above, and it was incredibly EASY to do! (I’m not engineer and I figured it all out easy enough…). Plus it only cost me $30…

Now though, my XP box died and to get the sweetest deal possible from Dell, I pretty much had to get a box with Vista, and of course my beloved Roxio program isn’t Vista compatable (I tried it anyway and no dice!).

BUT… I did some digging and found that Roxio had made a Vista compatable version of that program, so of course went out and got that. Unfortunately, in updating it for Vista, Roxio COMPLETELY changed the program, and it’s crossfading functionality was greatly reduced in nearly every area (fade times are now in tenths of seconds and it won’t allow an overlap of tracks with no fade-in; even if you specify none, it will force one on you). Even Roxio’s higher-end software (Easy Media Creator 10) has these limitations, which I find incredibly LAME!

I had purchased Nero8 for video purposes, so began digging into the cd burning in that program, and it appears to be even more limiting: fade times are designated only in WHOLE seconds, and I’m having a helluva time figuring out how to preview the fades I set up anyway. Even if I do figure that out though, I know whole second increments while fading won’t work for me in many cases, so that doesn’t appear to be my answer either.

I’ve been on the Roxio forums and bottom line, it doesn’t sound like they are restoring the great functionality they previously had anytime soon, so I"m on the search for a new package. The problem is, even the original Roxio package I had didn’t SAY it did all the things it did, it just… did them. I guess I just got lucky. Now though, even looking at reviews, software packages, etc., I am not and don’t really expect to find a program advertising that it does all this. And yet, I’d be shocked if such a program didn’t exist for Vista. I just have to FIND it (and hope it’s not $200).

Anybody got any tips they can share?

That cannot work without re-editing the audio!

There are specs for TAO, SAO and DAO burning mode that cannot be bend.

You could create and edit your track in Audacity then burn it using a cue sheet in ImgBurn, Burrrn or Nero.