Software for burning APE and Flac files

I’m looking for software to burn music CDs that knows how to burn APE and Flac files (both are lossless compressions) back to the ‘original’ CD. I’ve heard that there are some programs for burning audio/music CDs that ‘understand’ Flac files, but I haven’t heard that this is the case for APE files.

Any help with this (software recommendations, links to relevant information) would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s one:

I suggest ImgBurn: it’s more updated than Burrrn :slight_smile:

Thanks for the recommendations. I’ll test both. There are a number of mainstream burning programs that know the Flac format, but APE seems to be very neglected.

WinAmp does APE too. The free version has limited burn speed, but the bought version is only about $15 US.

Thanks, I’ll try WinAmp too.

I’ve found that Burrrn works well. However, Imgburn, though apparently a more ‘full featured’ program. gives an error message about not being to access the .ape file because it’s being used by another process, though this is definitely not the case.

On ImgBurn’s forum I’ve found others getting the same error message, and have seen no resolution of the problem.

As I said, Burrrn does the job. Maybe WinAmp will do it too, and maybe better – I’ll see.

Again, thanks for the advice.

The problem is in the filter itself. It opens files in such a way that ImgBurn is then prevented from opening them a 2nd time itself. (This is detailed in the forum)

The next release of ImgBurn ( has a workaround for the problem.

Thanks for that information, LIGHTNING UK!. I’ll look more closely at the forum, and will wait for release of ImgBurn. If it works, I would use it in preference to Burrn, since it provides more flexibility/options/settings, including some adjustments for specific burners (in my case, Plextor).

Oh, by the way, ImgBurn does a great job burning flac + cue files.