Software for backing up data files to DVD/CD w/o compression/file splitting



I’m searching for a software which allows me to backup large amounts of files on DVDs/CDs. I know of two programs which do approximately what I want: Nero BackItUp and Roxio Creator. But both split files among different volumes so I need the backup software to read out my backup later.

What I want is a relative simple program which only distributes the files on the different volumes with minimal space loss without file splitting (should at least work when there is no single file of size greater than that of the medium).

You may ask why anybody would want this. The reason is that I plan a long-time backup which should be readable in the far future (thats 10-20 years in the computer world) without any software which might not run under the OSs which are in use then.

I apologize if this topic has been covered elsewhere but I did search the forums.


You could try Ignition ( ). It would appear that it claims to do what you want. Never used it myself though.
There has been discussion on this forum so a search here might be worthwhile.


Thanks, it indeeds claims what I want, but sadly it lacks most of the functionality which would make it useful. You have to organize your directories first in a way that no single directory exceeds the media size. That makes it almost impossible to backup an entire drive without reorganizing its directory structure.