Software for arranging files for cd burning

I am moving most of my data to dvds. I have different folders each ranging between 800-1500Mb per concert. Usually 6-7 of these fit on a dvd but i always have to MANUALLY pick the folders that will maximize the space used on the dvd.

For example i pick 6 folders and there is still 400mb free space on the dvd, but now i can’t pick another folder because they are all bigger than 400mb- but then i can delete some small folder from the dvd and add a big one from the hard drive to maximize the free space going waste on the dvd.

I need a software to do this, that will arrange folders in groups of 4.3gb (or as closer to 4.3gb as possible). I once saw a software like this but i can’t remember it now :confused:

Thanks :wink:

Note: I cannot zip the folders before storing them and also i cannot split any folder between two dvds.

does cds, havent downloaded to test if it does dvds. if not, email the developer and he will implement it as soon as he can :smiley:

Thanks! This is just what i wanted. It works perfectly and will make my life a lot easier. It supports dvds as well. Once again Thanks a lot. :smiley: