Software/filter professionals?



ok so my Dell apparently has some hard to find software/filter inbedded in it…i can’t log into the ethernet at all…except
when i go into safe mode…and then it works fine…but i was wanting to let my mom have it and she is so challenged that i know teaching her just the basics is going to be a momumental task…(i just now have taught her how to check her voicemail and dial people from her address book on her cell phone)

so…back to the laptop…
The port is fine since i can log into a browser in safemode…now when i try to use the run command
and ipconfig…the black dos screen pops up for a NANO second and is gone…

please tell me there is an easy fix… :frowning:


Restore installation partition? The nuclear option is often times the least troublesome.



perhaps you simply messed up your network configuration:
Or you have installed some “security” placebo. In that case, I second the advice to restore the computer to factory installation (and then getting rid of the preinstalled junkware).

Or something totally simple: Your computer tries to get a network connection via WLAN. Disable WLAN (normally there is a dedicated switch) and see if things improve.



If your using XP then instead of the run command …Start>all programs>accessories>command prompt>ipconfig


I can connect via wireless …but i know my mom won’t do a wireless ( like i said she still has a hard time dealing with a cell phone ) and i did disable the wlan…
I was online with a Dell rep last night for over 2 hours…he was just a hardware specialist…and i’m glad he did help me…and we could get a browser in safe mode which up til then…everyone had blamed a bad port…

i guess it might be time for a total restore…ugggghhh…i’ve had bad luck the last time…and now the desk top …sits in the closet collecting dust now :(…oh well…we shall see…