Software file sharers next to be sued in the UK

I guess now they are after us in the UK to. It seems that everything is illegal here, even importing music etc that is cheaper elsewhere. I guess we will have to see if the 150 ppl are the average joe or not. IP laws here are very one sided with software companies being able to sell there software for high prices and also provent the user/buyer from returning software if it is faulty like with PC games etc. There seems to be no rights for customers as there are no returns and no real support (you need to install new drivers/there is something wrong with “your computer”, there is a software conflict). If you need replacement discs as you are not alowed backups, you are better off buying a new copy, as three months later you may get them if you are lucky. The real killer is if you have a problem with there copyprotection its your fault as you must be doing something wrong for it to not work. So now if you do not put up with it and pay them for the problems ‘you caused’ while using ‘their’ product then if you get it elsewhere then they will sue you.

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  Ten internet providers have been ordered by the                                      UK's high court to hand over details of 150                                        UK                       ...
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I agree with you but you are going a bit off topic mate. If we want a change in our rights over software we should be petitioning trading standards to look into it.

soon, they’re going to sue us just browsing!! I wouldn’t be surprised!!!:frowning:

i understand they have to give an example that "stealing "is wrong. We all know that we are doing something what is a bit “fishy” i have no problems with that , heck i drive faster then the law sais i can on certain roads… the biggest problem i have is the WAY you get sued. you’ve been traited like a serial killer, getting enourmeous amounts of fines +10.000€… for what? a piece of software… it’s out of proportion… the other problem is that if everybody is going to buy all the software legal, there wouldn’t be mutch increase in sales, i think. who wants to give 1000€ for an photoshop, or a movie studiomaker? only the corperations have to go with licenses
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We need to educate people and companies. No one bue corporations could afford those very expensive packages, so if you want it you have to copy it. They know if they made it available at a The corporations say they are loosing money because people are stealing, but in fact they are loosing money because they are overcharging for software. Most people have no problem paying a fair price and peopls won’t have to steal. WHo can afford MS office, or Photoshop? They give MS WORKS away, but it’s crap. Here we have red light cameras and speeding cameras. Run a light or speed in the wrong place and you get a ticket in the mail. I expect software companies to get smarter with their software. It will checkin once in a while, and if it’s not legal it logs your ip. It’s not hard to do and there is a good chance it is legal. Who knows the EULA could allow it, who reads them. BTW, you have the right in the US to return software if you don’t agree with the EULA. HOWEVER, no one knows how to do it! You can’t read the EULA on any software untill you open the package ond put the cd/dvd in your computer. After you open it, you can’t return it. Try it sometime, when you have a few hours to waste at a store…