Software DVD Player

Don’t know if this is possible or not - I am working nights at work next week, with not a lot to do and would like to take a few movies in with me - my work PC does have a DVD-ROM installed, but the version of Windows Media player installed does not have the DVD play back codecs. (already tried a DVD in the PC and it won’t play) The PC is running Windows XP and I do no have administrator rights to install any software. So my questions is, is there a Software DVD player that I could download and run just as an exe file that doesn’t require to be installed?

Hmm… VLC? There might be a version of VideoLan (VLC) that you can just unzip and go. Not sure though.

Not sure about VLC’s needing to be installed or not, but I’m positive that Media Player Classic does not require installation. But its codec dependency I’m not sure of.

Thanks guys - I tried VLC, but I could only find installation files - got Media Player Classic, so I will give it a try on Monday.

MPC has its own MPEG2 codec. You should be good to go. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that - I look forward to being able to watch some movies while getting paid for the pleasure!!!

Just to let you know that MPC worked fantastic on the PC’s at work. Thanks for the suggestion.