Software Copyrighting?


So my husband is currently creating a software and i was wondering if anyone of you has some sought of information when it comes to copywriting Softwares i.e what exactly does this entail?? We are absolutely clueless and maybe a few people here could have had some experiences in this?


Have you looked at wikipedia to see if there are similar programs out there already? Or just do a simple google search as such to see if there is a similar program already out there? The only other check would see if the US patent has such a program patent that is related to what he is creating and that will also give you a idea what is out there as well or still in patent so he won’t have copyright violations.


No experience here, but this seems a logical starting point if you are in the US:


Yes we did have a look online, but in this case what i had in mind was that perhaps someone had gone through this process personally. The steps seem to be not so detailed online and we were rather looking for more simple procedure explanations.


Hi, @Kerry56 is it the software or what and how can we use it? Please, can you guide me about


I was reading more into this topic over the weekend and found out that you can register a copyright with the US copyright office (if you live in the US, or will publish it there). This costs a fee, anything between $35-$45, depending on which form you use and the nature of the work. If you think there is a significant chance that you will be suing somoene over infringement of your copyright, then i would say that Copyrighting your software is definitely worth it! I would recommend that you read through this i found the article interesting and quite easy to read.


Thanks for the guidance and also sharing the link.