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Dear Forum,

I have an .mp4 file which I would like to convert to the .mp3 format.

Can anybody recommend a reliable, virus-free programme?

I would like to play the file on a CD player. Is .mp3 format the best for this?

Thanks in advance!



MP4 audio files are sometimes encrypted. Are yours? This complicates matters.

If not, you should be able to convert to mp3 using Audacity. Get the 1.13.13 beta version and the Lame and ffmpeg libraries:

Some cd players may be able to play mp3, but it is not the normal format for cds.

If you have iTunes, it should be able to convert mp4 to standard audio cd for you directly.


If this is an mp4 file from say… a YouTube download?

YouTubeDownloader the free version which you can get at cnet downloads, filehippo and elsewhere does a very nice job of converting them.

Select “optimal” for quality level

The only rub with the free version of the program is that it does not do batch conversions, meaning you cannot browse for files and Shift+Click multiple files
but if after you start a conversion you can immediatly (while the first one is converting) select the conversion tab browse for another file and start that one converting as well, etc…

I can keep three running at any given time (I have a quad core computer) if I am quick with my mouse and any additional files are simply queued until one of the others that are in-process has completed.

I’m not sure if the $19.95 paid version changes this or not.

But YouTube downloader works well enough that I’ve stopped looking for something better and if I can get a definate answer on batch conversions I’ll probably pay them their $20.



I used this to convert itunes mp4a to mp3 and worked okay for me. Here link to software.

here a link to authors site for this program.


Worked like a charm!

Thank you all so much!



Which method did you use since several were suggested ?