Software Conflicts?



I am purchasing the Primera Bravo II CD/DVD burner/printer which comes with the Plextor 716a drive. The software it comes with is the Primo burning software. I haven’t seen it or used it, but I already have the Roxio CD Creator 7.5 installed. I’m told there’s a ‘possibility’ that the two software packages will conflict and that I may have to uninstall the Roxio package…does anyone know if there will be a conflict? If there is, has anyone worked with the Primo burning software (is it comparable in basics to the Roxio; will it read and write multisession DVD’s and will it do all the basics for CD’s and DVD’s such as read and write them in an easy drag-and-drop way, copy CD’s & DVD’s, etc?). And, I suppose, while I’m here, has anyone had any good or bad experiences with the Bravo II?


I would suggest to try Roxio on your Primera first, if you’re happy, stick with it. AFAIK, The Primo burning software is made by Sonic which in the past cause lots of trouble.

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Thanks, but I think Primera requires the Primo software. Anyhow, let’s just hope they have no conflicts.


I have the Bravo II and have had trouble from day one. The moment you plugin the USB cable you get the message “One of the usb devices attached to this computer has malfunction, and windows does not recognize it……” It would still operate properly as long as I waited for the computer to boot before I plugged it in. If I leave the usb cable attached on reboot, the computer hangs and I have to power down to regain control. On occasion the computer would not “see” the robotics no matter what I tried. Sometimes a system restore would solve the problem, sometimes not. Twice I have had to reformat the system drive and reinstall all programs to make it work. This has happened on 3 computers, all running XP. I have yet to find the conflict. Tec support has been no help.