Software compatible w/SonyCRX2100U?



I have been using Sony CRX2100U burner with B’s Recorder Gold 3.3 for years Now getting messages: no drive connected, Illegal ATAPI, or stops during verification and comparison process. I paid for and downloaded B’s RG8 but it isnt compatible. I spoke w/ Sony but they wont tell me what is compatible with this burner unless I pay them! :a (past warranty)
I was in the middle of a PhotoStory for my daughters Baby Shower when this happened and I need to burn 20 more CDs! :eek: Can anyone tell me what software would be compatible? Please…

Thanks Adrienne


May I suggest that you try Ashampoo Burning Studio 6. It is supposed to be compatible with virtually all drives on the market. The trial is free, btw. I am not familiar with the program you mention. It is also possible that, unless the drive is relatively new, that it has died. Good luck


jc… Thanks for taking the time to help me. :slight_smile: I downloaded their trial version, but it isnt recognizing my external burner, either. It is an older burner. If the drive is dead, would it turn on and hum?


Some do and some don’t. If it is that old, then you should consider replacing it. Internal burners that do most everything (Sony DRU-820 like mine is a good choice). Is it possible that you have a USB-1 port that has failed? Could also be a problem with USB-2. Check your XP Device Manager to be sure the drive and ports are functioning properly.
Hope this helps.


Hi, Try updating the firmware of ur burner,

Give it shot!!!