Software CD with GSA-4160

Hi everyone!
Please can someone advise me… I have just received my first DVD Drive. It came with just a booklet. I’m sure I read on a review somewhere, (can’t find it now), that it should come with some software. There is no CD or anolog audio cable as mentioned in the booklet.
Thank you for any help you can give.

maybe urs is oem version that’s why no s/w.

Thanks for the reply RayGay…you’re the only one who did.
Now I’m going to sound silly…what’s an oem version?
My booklet that came with the Drive stated to install the CD before installing the Drive, so that’s why I’m querying it. I bought it from Dabs, and have sent an e-mail to them asking where the CD is, they are supposed to reply in 4 hours. I’vce been waiting 24 hours and no reply. I’m cosidering sending it back and getting the 4120 from e-buyer which I believe also comes with some software. Sorry to go on, as you can tell, I’m new at this.

OEM “original equipment manufacturer” is a term from the automobile industry used to distinguish from compatible but non-original parts. Unfortunately in the computer trade the acronym is commonly used interchangably with “bulk”, “bare”, “white box”, and “brown box”. Essentially, anything not retail boxed can be described by one of these terms and are meant for system builders. The part itself rarely differs from that sold at retail but more often the supplied accessories do.

In the case of the 4160, a CD of software should have been supplied but not the analog cable. I don’t believe the manual is specifically mentioned on LG’s site but you are fortunate to have received it because I did not -although it is available for download. I would just keep trying to contact Dabs for the CD rather than returning it (unless they claim it is not included).

My oem drive came with an oem version of nero, which is nero express.

All u need is some burning software such as nero, u dont need anything else. Just attach it to your ide cable. And perhaps connect an audio cable from your soundcard to the dvd drive if u want to listen to cd’s.

I would download the trial version of Nero to get started.

The disk that came with my OEM LG GSA4120b (nero express) was not that great anyway. Not quite as good as the full blown version of Nero.

You can update your OEM Nero to the latest version.