Software can record streaming/video or audio!

I found two programs that can do this. One is ASF Recorder and the other is StreamBox VCR! ASF Recorder can only record windows media video/audio streams. Streambox vcr can record windows media audio/video plus RealNetworks formats and MP3 streams!
Download ASF Recorder (free) here:

Note: ASF Recorder is made by a anamonous person. The final version is v1.1! No more realeses will follow!

For recording audio (no matter where it comes from!) you should try: Total Recorder

You can find it at:

ASF Recorder and StreamboxVCR really could be used to record streaming media, but they’re no longer supported and becoming more and more outdated these days.

You may try HiDownload, StreamDown, NetTransport, and many other programs depending on a stream you wanna save.
Currently there is no program good enough to save all the streams available in the web.

See also recommendations at