Software 4 Dish to Ram to PC to DVD?

Hello Everyone

I’m sure the answer for what I’m wanting to do is somewhere on this great forum but I’ll ask anyway. I just ordered a LG 4163B (retail) so I’m wanting to get a jump on what do I need to do as per title says. I’ve got a Panasonic DMR-ES10 recorder that I’m recording off of Dish onto DVD-Ram and then move it over to DVD-R. With the Ram I’ve got options like chapters and of course widescreen.

I’ve already downloaded DVDDecrypter but being new to all this for conversion or copying on the pc has me confused on all the software choices. I see that sometimes one needs two or three different software titles to do one project. So what else do I need or recommend? Also since I’m basically recording in two channel is there any Audio enhancement software or does it really mater? Thanks for all your help and time.

Kenny J.

Get TMPGEnc DVD Author. It will read the RAM and create a DVD-R from it. You can edit the video and put menus if you wish.

If you don’t intend to do the editing/menus and do a straight copy. Then just do a DVD Decrypter ISO read to ISO image and then a ISO image write back to a DVD-R.