Softmodding an Xbox360?


I want to buy an Xbox360, and possibly mod it to play backups if that is possible. I found many guides on the internet, but I have no way of knowing which ones are outdated and which are not. I don’t even know if modding is possible with recent models. Can ANY model for sale out there be modded?

As I understand, softmodding is the way to go. It’s free and relatively easy, provided I do everything properly.

Can someone please point me to a fairly recent guide that you know works 100%?

And I have another question. Can the xbox play movies like avi, mpeg, divx, etc off of flash drives, hard drive or dvds? Is is capable of 1080p?

I also heard that there is a mod out there that prevents the “Red Light of Death” or wahtever that is called… Can you tell me more about it please?

If you buy new 360 now it will have a liteon drive which none of the guides cover and the firmware for it ain’t out till the 24th December.

Yes the 360 can output 1080p but only via hdmi.

There’s nothing that stops the red ring of death, the mod you speak of is probably the bolt through method were the x-clamps that hold the heat sinks on are replaced with bolts, this doesn’t prevent the red ring of death its a fix if the RROD happens.

There is firmware and guides out now that tell you how to do this. Google is your best friend.