Softmod Issue, rather detailed description of how i f'd up. Any help appreciated



I recently purchased a second xbox which was supposedly chipped. I already own a modded xbox that i modded with a xenium ice mod chip with an upgraded harddrive. The second xbox turned out to be soft modded.

I attempted to use AID to setup xbmc to be the default dash. During this process i messed up the softmod. It would still read games, but i could not get into the dash.

Not knowing that i could use a live enabled game to restore the ms dash, I inserted the softmoded hd into my modded xbox. I ran slayers and attempted to install ms dash 5960. This did not work. I then used the option in slayers to restore it to a stock xbox. This did not work. Now it gives me error 21 and will not boot games.

I then took a pc harddrive i had laying around and used the upgrade harddrive wizard on the xenium modchip to set this up to use in my second xbox. After getting the drive set up and running properly on my modded xbox, I used AID to install a soft mod on the pc harddrive. I plugged the softmodded pc harddrive into unmodded xbox and it did not work.

I have read several tutorials and know that hotswapping may be able to help my problem. I prefer not to do this. Can anyone suggest how i can get either the retail or pc harddrive working in the unmodded xbox. As stated i do have a previously modded xbox that can be used to help resolve this. I’d prefer not to have to purchase another modchip.


well u need the eeprom from the softmodded harddrive 1 b4 u can install other harddrive in it. as u need the same eeprom key so the xbox thinks its the same drive.


Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I don’t have the eeprom key. Would softmodding be the only way to go?


Well if like you say it will not boot games then softmod is a no no as you need to boot into either Mech Assult, James Bond AUF, or the first Splinter Cell to restore the softmod (I dont know which of the 3 you would need as I don’t know which one he used to softmod IT in the first place)

So the only way I think might work is to install a modchip, once u have the modchip installed u could burn and iso of evox just to get ftp running and then fix up the harddrive.

Let me know how it goes =)


if your xbox is error 21 … just use XBoxHDM with a softmod installer for XBoxHDM like kingroach’s or krayzie etc thats works with XBoxHDM … this will require hotswaping so theres a chance you could damage pc or xbox or both although i did it many times and never had a issue myself.

if you do this u got to do stuff in a certain order or you WONT be able to communicate with the xbox’s hard drive.

also it’s a good idea to have dashboard 5960 onto the XBoxHDM cd … this way once u get access to the xbox’s hdd u can delete ALL files on C and restore the dashboard from the cd then run the softmod installer from the xboxhdm bootable cd which runs from your pc.

the basic idea to use that is to… have the xbox turned off then remove ONLY the IDE cable from the back of the xbox’s dvd-rom drive… then power it on it will then error 12 i believe… once it gets to this screen boot up your pc with the xboxhdm cd and once it gets through to a prompt and just sits there u then need to remove the IDE cable from the back of the xbox’s hard drive and plug in the pc’s IDE cable (the one thats running xboxhdm) into it then hit enter it should then start booting up the xboxhdm stuff to detect your hdd etc etc… theres a little more to it than this but this should atleast get you so u can communicate with the xbox’s hard drive… once u do this the rest aint that hard.

IMPORTANT!!! … also make SURE that you DONT unlock your xbox’s hard drive with the XBoxHDM program… if you do your pretty much screwed since you said u currently dont have your EEPROM file.

p.s. all of the above is 100percent free! :wink:

p.s. this is referring to your stock hard drive! , the one that error 21’s on you… once you do what i said above this should get your xbox up and running perfectly normall again… once it’s running i would strongly recommend backing up the eeprom file (u can run evox to do this) so then in the future if u want u can then use another hard drive of your choice but u will need to make sure the hard drive your getting supports locking.